Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 254 - White rododendron and friends

Our friends Jon and Allison gave us this plant as a gift 26 years ago when our youngest daughter was born. They have been good friends all these years even though they have moved out of the area about 11 years ago. Allison had her third child at the same times as I did and we used to mind each other's children while we were trying to return to the workforce. Penelope and Nicky were great friends when they were little. The white flowers of the rododendron always bloom around Penelope's birthday - which is next week. Today, we heard that Allison has bowel cancer and will need an operation. It's not known how far advanced the disease is yet,but we are feeling very concerned for her and her family.Allison has always been a tower of stength in her family and is highly respected in her profession of infant and maternal welfare. We can only hope for the best.


  1. Living gifts can be a wonderful reminder of friends. I hope your friend will recover from her cancer.

  2. Thank you Tania, your good wishes are appreciated.Plants can be very long lasting gifts.