Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 253 - Egyptian memento

Nick was born in Alexandria,Egypt into a bustling and thriving community of Greeks, French, Jews, Pommies and of course, their servants, the Arabs. Abdul Nasser reversed all that in the 1950's and sent the Europeans packing to various corners of the globe.This land of camels and pyramids, sand and poverty still has its allure for the expats though. Nick and I visited his home town, many years ago and recently his sister went there and brought back this mat with its woven pictures. It was a gift for Michael actually and I'm sure he will take possession of it some day soon.


  1. Some people have an interesting background, don't they? My father spent his youth in Persia during the reign of the Shah.

  2. That is interesting - I would love to hear his story one day.