Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 230 -piano practice

This is my right hand playing "Für Elise". My left hand was obviously holding the camera. I am really enjoying the piano playing and perhaps should consider having some lessons. I've got about 8-9 pieces that I can play well (easy pieces.) Every so often I will add a new piece to my repertoire and struggle through it until it becomes more familiar. I tend to pick tunes I know which is a bit cheaty I suppose. Anyway, it's developing into a pleasant past time.


  1. Very clever doing it by yourself, Pam. Can you read music? I wish I could. I sing from notes at church, but mainly just to see if I'm going up or down and then I just sing what I think fits.

  2. Yes, I can read music - I used to learn many years ago - so it's coming back slowly and with practice. I love the way you describe your note singing - it's probably a fairly reliable method - you probably have a "good ear" - where do your sons inherit their musicality from?