Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 132 - Coping in chaos

Well,predictably, tradespeople let you down. There's been a delay on the progress of our kitchen renovations and we are living rather chaotically - but coping. My study has become the kitchen sink area - nice view of the front of our property. My usual workspaces, either an upstairs desk or the diningroom table, are covered with les objects de la cuisine / pragmata apti cousina (I'm feeling multi lingual at the moment). We can't return all the kitchen paraphanalia yet till the stone bench top has been completed (that's the delay) We have no hotplates, no kitchen sink - imagine...Other pic shows the christening of the new wall oven - at least that's working. There's soup that mum made us and a supermarket lasagna. We wash up in the laundry!

1 comment:

  1. Hey the joys of building (renovating) it's looking good though Pam. Be lovely when it is all complete.