Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 162 - the crossword

Mum's staying with us at the moment and she is for ever doing something - reading, painting, watching ABC programs, chatting on the phone or doing the crossword.She is quite addicted to crosswords and I'm quite jealous of her word knowledge. At her philosophy class at the U3A, she is presently engaged in a dialectic with her teacher about who or what can we look to as a guide and inspiration to get us through the present tough times. Her brainwave the other night was "to follow our conscience" which I thought could leave you on shakey ground as some people don't seem to worry about a conscience.Anyway, when I'm nearly 87 I hope to care enough about future generations to wonder who will inspire them to care about each other and their planet.

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  1. How wonderful and you are lucky to still have her around - she has so much to offer as do most people from her generation.