Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 136 - Grandkiddies visit!

Their mother is in Arnham Land staying with a dry community of basket weavers for 2 weeks - my daughter the intrepid adventurer - 3 months pregnant but never one to knock back this amazing opportunity. Dad went to the football so a quiet night with Nani and Papou.I was quite impressed with Baya's computer game The Age of Empires. sort of a Second Life feel about it.


  1. Lucky her! Great opportunity for her and I am sure the kids love to be with their grandparents. My son use to play Age of Empires as well and loved it - spent many hours strategically moving soldiers here and there.

  2. Yes, thanks Dawn. I would much prefer him to play this sort of game than those boringly repetitive kill and destroy games. But I suppose they all survive these addictions.