Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 157 Dummy spitting

Oh dear,think it's about time for a break. spat the dummy today at my year7's some of whom were being silly in the computer room. I had spent quite a while setting up this activity using pics from yesterday's excursion using Big Huge Labs. Should have been a good fun last lesson of the term for them. But a number of silly little things were playing some loud screechy game and I decided that THAT was THAT. I told them to log off and we went back to the classroom and had a spelling test. How mean was that? I feel bad about it now - they weren't ALL being obnoxious. Oh well, maybe they'll be extra good next term. Today's pic is a Mosaic from Scienceworks I had on their class blog to inspire them... thank goodness tomorrow is my day off and that leaves just my 6 on Friday.

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