Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 131 - Some like It Hot and last day of May

Our local cinema is playing a series of old movie classics and today we saw Some Like It hot with Marilyn Munroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis. Even though this is an old movie, it still had some very funny moments. My pictures didn't turn out well. I felt nervous that I would be reprimanded for taking shots in a cinema - very cheeky. But such an old movie I don't think there were copywrite issues. Just annoying to the other film goers (I only took 2 shots)


  1. I really want to watch some good, old movies. But where do you find them? Not at video stores. You were very brave to take the photo, and deserve a prize.

  2. A prize for being cheeky and annoying? Sue has the video of Some Like it hot - you should ask her.