Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, 8th February - After the fires the children sleep

welcomed relief from yesterday's scorching heat.the fires are not all out yet but the immediate danger seems to have abated. However, the loss of life and houses has been unimaginable.
In the cooler weather, more work done on the yurt today with the door frame going up. The other pic is a little garden ornament which I recently re-discovered hidden under a mass of fish ferns.The ferns had been killed by the drought and needed cutting back - which is when I found the little sleeping girl and her cat. Ishaa was very pleased when told her about my find. It's got a sort of tomb like quality to it though and today I associate it with the untimely deaths of the bushfire victims - so far 85 people including many children.


  1. It does have a tomb-like quality, Pam. Strange that it turned up now. Is that a quote from somewhere - your title?

  2. No Tania, the title to that post just evolved from my head. Maybe I should write a short verse - I'll think about it. We're all in shock at the scale of bushfire devastation which is unfolding.