Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday, 7th Feb - SAD Saturday

A sad day to remember - doesn't get much worse than this - record breaking temperatures - 47 degrees, high winds, extensive wild fires over much of the state,significant loss of life (maybe as high as 40 people) huge property losses. Thank goodness no fires too close to our place but stef and family had to evacuate home in Warburton.This little mountain town is surrounded by fires and road out of town is blocked. They spend the night in safe accommodation- hopefully danger has passed.
During the day I found this little possum under the upturned bird bath. He had dug his way under to escape heat. We poured water in the little trench he had dug and draped a wet towel over the whole area. By the end of the day he had recovered and happily ran off.
Other pics show a dirty afternoon sky - combination of dust and smoke and pretty bell shape flowers that my succulent plants produce.

Record breaking 47 degree day with widespread bushfires, great loss of life - maybe up to 30 deaths

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