Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 30 - Another fire threat day

You might wonder what a cat and chickens have to do with a fire threat day. I didn't take any photos of the nearby fire or when we were evacuating - too stressed. The chickens were also evacuated in their cardboard box. They had only arrived that morning with my daughter who had arrived from Warburton - an area also under fire threat. My husband insisted on bringing the chickens with us to the safety of his sister's suburban house. But one was very tricky to catch and we were chasing it around the chicken pen for about 10 minutes - thankfully the fire wasn't on our doorstep. Basil the cat came with us to the suburbs but then promptly proceeded to disappear - for about 2 hours. He is my grandchildren's beloved pet and we had to find him! Anyway he eventually walked back into my sister-in-law's house quite imperiously and much to our relief. Fire threat is over now thank goodness and we are all home again, cat chickens and computers.


  1. So worrying - and yes - we save our animals. They are part of our family. My cat, Basil, is sitting beside me - can't imagine leaving him behind.

  2. Susan, you have a Basil too! Our Basil is a flirt - very affectionate, to all and sundry. Most unusual for a cat.