Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, 15th Feb - Lunch out but home to fire Alert

Lunch with old friends at Samson Hill Winery, Kangaroo Grounds and the view of cityscape from the winery.Some smoke haze at first but cleared later in the afternoon. However,we came home to an urgent fire threat in the next suburb and spent 2 hours frantically filling our gutters with water and last minute clean up round the house. By 8pm, CFA warning downgraded to Alert but important reminder of how close we are to fire disaster.


  1. It must be so difficult living with the threat of fire. So many decisions - after the living ones - what do you try to save? My heart goes out to all Australians - and so bizarre to think the north is battling floods.

  2. Thank you for your comment Susan. Those of us who live in bushfire prone areas make up a suitcase of indispensable / sentimental items and either take it to a safe house in the suburbs or have it by the front door ready- photos, external hardrives - hopefully with updated backups, certificates, some paintings, you have to be fairly brutal in what you select or you'd just pack up your whole house!