Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 365 - a whole year and now it's all over

Drove to the airport AGAIN (to take Penelope and Isaac for their flight to India via Singapore.) All went smoothly and I have just picked up a Facebook message that they arrived in Singapore and were about to have a massage.In 3 hours they will fly to Kolkata (Calcutta) for their first Indian experience.
Other pics show cityscapes we passed to and from Melbourne airport. Lots of rain and hail today - a very atypical summer's day!

Well this is it folks- I have achieved the challenge of posting a pic or 2 or more a day for ONE year. This was mainly an enlightening and expanding experience and it will feel strange to no longer be looking for significant photography subjects each day. Maybe I will start up something else - time will tell. I will let you know if there is something else madly interesting that you might like to have a squiz at. Thank you to all my loyal followers over the year and especially to the select few, special individuals who took the trouble to comment on my pics - you made the whole activity that more special and fun!
Yasas, adio and goodbye.


  1. Congratulations, Pam! You must feel relieved, and I think it might only be a few days that you feel the need to find photos. I've really enjoyed your journey, and hope that you hop over to another way of sharing your life, maybe not as intensely. All the best to Penelope and Isaac - their experiences will no doubt be very interesting. See you round.

  2. Thank you Tania. I have really appreciated your comments over the year and the interactions we have had have been enjoyable and interesting. I look forward to continuing our online contact in some form or another and I'm sure we will catch up again sometime soon.