Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 349 (Day 2) - Blackwood curioes - and then on to Daylesford

Our approach to Daylesford took us through a little town called Blackwood where we stopped for some lunch in a quaint little cafe that had these interesting items around the wall.
After dinner at the Royal pub we had delicious coffee in the Koukla cafe of Frangos and Frangos


  1. Very nice. Which of these options did you select?
    Looks like you took up their offer to 'enjoy the casual bohemian vibe of coffee or a long lunch at Koukla'. Just looked up the website because I wondered if they'd used the name 'koukla' from the Russian meaning doll.

  2. Ahhh the memories have a wonderful time Mrs A enjoy the Daylesford effect.

  3. Tania - "koukla" is also doll in Greek! I wonder how many other words are shared between these two cultures that have so much in commom? Yes, we took the bohemian option last night.
    Thank you Ms T. I feel I've come home.Lulus is still lovely.