Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 348 of last year, Day 1 of 2010 - Grass to mow

I've decided to start the first day of the new year as Day 1 with the option of completing the 365 day challenge AND continuing into 2010. I'll make my final decision in 27 days time!
Half way through the mowing. We have an abundance of grass to mow and I've been mowing sections in a piecemeal fashion to make it more manageable.Our new mower starts easily and has a light mulching attachment that does a very efficient job. Despite these features, I now feel exhausted.


  1. Do you still have to keep up with the mowing when you're at school? I'm impressed.

  2. Well I try - it's why I go swimming so I can keep up my strength to mow!