Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 166 A hot presence in a cold garden.

My old schoolfriend, Mary (a teacher librarian at a girls' school) came around today. We had lunch at Earthly Pleasures and came back to my place where we chatted on into the afternoon. We decided that our old school teachers were fairly ordinary - teaching standards have thankfully improved over the years. After I waved Mary goodbye I noticed the red hot pokers glowing at the end of our driveway - the sheep was keeping away from its fiery aura too.


  1. I love these flowers. We had lots of them planted in our front garden in Williamstown. They never cease to brighten up a garden. Just gorgeous.

  2. Yes Dawn, I have planted quite a few of these but the dratted agapanthus we stupidly planted about 15 years ago have swallowed the pokers up. One day I will emply someone to dig out all the agapanthus!