Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 91 - Vale Basil

My grandchildren's beloved cat Basil (who was also the kindergarten cat) died today. He was a most extraordinarily affectionate cat - and will be sadly missed by all. This photo shows him smooching up to Penny and Isaac - last year sometime.The other pic is the entrance to our home - which I did take today.On my day off I did not manage to do all the tasks I wanted to do but did rearrange and tidy up our front door area. Nick even noticed it when he came home.


  1. That's very sad about Basil.

  2. Thank you Tania, apparently he had some sort of growth in his tummy that suddenly ruptured. He could have been as old as 15yrs, nobody knows for sure but he was very loveable and surprisingly affectionate for a cat - loved to cuddle.