Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 330 - New desk and broody chicken

Moved into my new staffroom and desk today amid much to-ing and fro-ing. I am now in an upstairs staffroom - a light and airy room with rounded walls.I share this space with members of the year 8 team and am feeling very positive about this new environment.
Other pics show our hen, Silky, who has become very broody. When she is approached her tail feathers fan out in protective posture against predators.There is no rooster in the chicken pen but she obviously has not made this connection. We plan to procure some fertilised eggs for this clucky chick.


  1. Impressive display of feathers. What do you mean by rounded walls? Are you pleased with your load for next year?

  2. The rounded interior walls follow the shape of the external brick work which is somewhat tower like. My load for next year looks like mainly yr8 English / Humanities and one yr12 English. As I have joined the yr8 team and will work predominantly in the yr8 centre, I suppose this is the best option. I would have rather had a yr11 class, or a yr10 English - as I've had for years - but never mind.