Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day212 - Practice essays

Ploughing through Yr 12 essays - and they're only practice essays - their assessment essay is this week so I wanted to be able to say something meaningful on these practice attempts. Some of them were very ordinary which fills me with despair somewhat. the text is George Orwell's 1984 and this is the first time I have taught this novel. Of course it's marvellous and still so relevant but some of my yr12 students don't get it. Or more likely they haven't really read it properly - if at all.Anyway I agonized over my comments all day today so this is an appropriate pic for Day 212


  1. Isn't it a bad feeling when you want to give lots of feedback and support but the students don't seem to be engaged? I suppose them's the odds. Still frustrating.

  2. I do have some engaged students I must admit - and they make it worthwhile. Today, I start marking their real SACs so we'll see how effectively I've taught them (or how well they have prepared themselves? - a bit of both I'm sure)