Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thurs, Jan 29th

My first day off for the year. Spent morning in hospital for procedure to disintergrate a kidney stone - lithotripsy. Piece of cake! At least so far, no probs, no reaction to GA, minimal discomfort.
Other photo shows very singed garden with wet sheet over rhododendron plant in a sad effort to minimise damage - we're still in heatwave, succession of 42degrees days, no rain.


  1. Hello Pam,
    I hope you're feeling better after your procedure. Penny was telling me about it. Horrible!
    Good luck with your new kitchen. That's very exciting news.
    Penny was also telling me about this blog idea of yours, posting an image every day, and I thought you'd take a fancy to this blog:
    It's a duo who, everyday, post an image that each of them took-3191 miles apart from each other. They decided to collaborate when they spotted each others very surprisingly similar images on flicker one day. Their first finished year together was called "3191- a year of mornings" {which has now been published into a beautiful book}, and the one just completed is "3191- a year of evenings". You can see the year of evenings from this link. I hope it's relevant to what you're doing.
    I Hope you make a swift recovery.
    Speak soon. Love Brydie.

  2. Thanks Brydie. What a surprise to see you here! I will look up the 3191 blog - sounds amazing. I'm fine now, thanks. but we'll all feel better when it's not so hot